Meet the Producer

deebone Dee (Deebone) Brooks is the sole owner of Deebone Productions and a graduate from the University of Phoenix with a Business Marketing Degree. Born and raised in San Diego, she is the youngest of five children. Her father was born in Terrell, Texas; her mother in Kaufman, Texas. Known for being well-organized and a stickler for time, you can expect her productions to begin timely. Quite frequently, you can expect to be treated with something free at her productions. With the exception of the "Choo, Choo" flyer, Deebone has designed all of her flyers and programs. In addition to owning a production company, she is employed as a Business Systems Analyst.

In loving memory of Ruth Hazel and Korenda Brooks.

Welcome to Deebone Productions

Deebone founded Deebone Productions in October 2003. The intent was to produce affordable and entertaining productions including plays, spoken word, comedy, talent and variety shows. The first show, a spoken-word concert called "Spoken Expressions", produced in January 2004 was a sell-out. Because of the success, "Spoken Expression II" and "Spoken Expressions - The Show" were produced the following February and March. In April 2004, Deebone produced "My Father, My Father," a play written by her client. The play received overwhelming positive comments from nine Community Actor Judges. The Judges described "My Father, My Father" as excellent, captivating, magnificent, profound, moving, awesome, professional, outstanding, superb, superior, extremely emotional incredible and done-perfectly. It were these comments which led Deebone Productions to receive the Aubrey Judge's Award on behalf of actors and director. Other shows produced include a fashion dinner auction show, musical revenue, jazz concert, variety show, talent show, numerous comedy shows and Deebone's first written stage play "Memories of Best Friends". Following the stage play, was her first original written musical revue vignette “Vanilla, Chocolate and Caramel Too!” in 2007. Her second original musical revue vignette, "Choo, Choo", was staged in 2010. "Harlem Today" staged in June 2013 and "Whatcha' Gonna Get" staged in 2014 both provided a twist to the vignettes introducing more skits without music thus no longer categorized as a musical revue. "Read My Lips" follows this tradition.